“Transformational mindset turns “have to” into “called to”

– Sherril Harris

What is Transformational Mindset?

Transformational Mindset is a profound awareness of the difference between how things appear and what might be possible. When we experience the world through a transformational mindset we are able to meet change as our authentic selves allowing others freedom to do the same, inspiring new possibilities that yield powerful and sustainable results.

While Transformational Mindset empowers individuals and organizations with optimal agility allowing them to respond powerfully to changing conditions in the moment, it differs from a from the basic behavioral change model in the location of it’s drivers and it’s ability to sustain the results. “Change” in Sherril’s definition, is reliant primarily on external forces and governed by “have to” and “can’t” in order to achieve results with more ‘have to” and can’t” to hold those results in place. A simple example might be: If I want to lose 20lbs I have to exercise more and I can’t eat the foods I really like and if I manage to lose the weight, I will have to live that way for the rest of my life.

By contrast “Transformation” is an inside job; “have to”’ is replaced with “called to” and when we feel called to a new and inspiring possibility our choices become organic and there is less resistance. We feel pulled toward behaviors that are more aligned with our values rather than constantly pushing away those that are not. The experience is energizing making the results more easily sustainable.

Sherril teaches that “we evolve either by choice or by chance” and we can’t fully leverage choice until we recognize all the places in our lives where we have one. Most of us are interfacing with the world from a “default” mindset, a filter created from the conclusions we’ve reached about the things we’ve experienced, the norms we’ve ingested, often without question, from our culture, our family and friends and our intimate partnerships.

Sherril challenges that most of who we think we are is actually just a construct and when we begin to examine our “who” more closely we find a new world of possibility we couldn’t previously see. When we are profoundly aware of who we really are and what we really value we show up differently in the world and, as Dr Wayne Dyer famously said “When you change the way you see things the things you see begin to change.”

Imagine what might be possible if you or your organization could meet change (be it in the markets, your relationships or your status) as a welcomed opportunity to reconnect with your purpose, release what no longer works and create something truly inspiring for yourself and every life you touch.