Sherril is a Certified Professional Coach with over twenty years of experience and education in the “Science of Happiness”, cognitive neuroscience, Social & Emotional Intelligence and Non-Violent Communication. A self-professed Master of Reinvention, Sherril shares her winning formula of “Be the water, not the rock” empowering her clients to identify and shift their limiting thoughts (rocks), connect deeply with what inspires them (water), to invent new possibilities and craft actionable steps that will bring those possibilities to fruition.

Her journey to Transformational Mindset Coach was mapped at twelve year old when she encountered two perceptual interpretations, which raised a curious question, “How much of what we perceive as reality is actually real?”

First, while sharing lunch with the family one Saturday afternoon, her stepfather, who had worked two backbreaking jobs for most of his life, lamented how much he did not enjoy his work. Perplexed by this, Sherril asked him “Daddy, if you hate your job that much why don’t you do something else?” Of course, the grown ups laughed and told her she didn’t “understand reality” but this moment remained firmly lodged in her psyche and, over the years, she couldn’t stop noticing all the people she met with similar education and circumstances to her stepfather who made other, seemingly more fulfilling, choices. What did they understand differently about “reality”?

The second discovery to happen that year occurred in 6th grade science class when Sherril learned that the desk beneath her elbows, which appeared perfectly “solid,” was not, in fact, so at a sub-atomic level. This revelation, when added to the conversation with her stepfather, seeded a life-long obsession with the nature of “reality” both physical and perceptual.

Because the one constant in life is change the path is seldom straight and at eighteen a shift within her family led her to postpone her dreams of higher education to seize an opportunity in the exciting fashion universe of New York City. A successful ten year modeling career led her to co-hosting television news magazines including .Com with Mark Hamill, Healthy Solutions with Marriette Hartley and Elegance with Ivana Trump as well as several 30 minute info-mercials and frequent appearances as a pitch-person on the Home Shopping Network.  On the rare occasion when she was recognized in public, Sherril would often joke, “I am sorry to hear about your insomnia but I am glad I could keep you company at 3 am. So, did you buy anything?!”

Not one to lead an unexamined life and wary of the “un-reality” of the entertainment industry, Sherril found grounding in the voracious study of spirituality and world religions, personal development and human potential leadership, social phycology and cognitive behavioral science and she noticed a curious common thread: Change your mind and you can change your life!

In the years since, Sherril has been a master facilitator teaching sales professionals, management and business owners how to meet change by choice instead of by chance. Empowered by choice, they are able to identify more opportunities to innovate, create inspiring action plans, attract and retain more customers and quality talent increasing profitability and improving KPI.

After a rigorous course of study, she achieved her Certified Professional Coach and ELI Master Practitioner credentials through IPEC and became certified to administer the Social and Emotional Intelligence assessment through the Institute for Social and Emotional Intelligence.

A professional member of the National Speakers Association and a graduate of the NSA Central Florida Speakers Academy, she spreads her message of “Be the Water not the rock” as a keynote speaker, workshop facilitator and Executive Coach.

Sherril lives in hotel rooms wherever her work takes her but her stuff enjoys spacious apartment in beautiful Sarasota, FL and sometimes she gets to visit.